Oni Ryu CUSTOM | Street Fighter

For this figure I used JAZWARES STREET FIGHTER 4 IV TRU (4inch). Custom sculpted the hair , chest hole, belt and arm muscles. Custom painted the skin, clothes and flames. Dark/Purple flames are from Gundam model kit (1/144 denial).
PS: This is my 5th Project (P.5)

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  Anime: Street Fighter
  Character: Ryu
  Height: 4 inches
  Scale: N/A
  Manufacturer: N/A
  Materials: Epoxy, Custom Figure
  • Tags: Street Fighter, Custom Action Figure, Ryu, Akuma, Oni, Oni Ryu, Custom, Custom Figure, Figure
  • 1

    Lets start with the HEAD!!!!

    Lets start with the HEAD!!!! WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    I remove the forehead and the bangs(hair) so i can sculpt it with putty, to give it a demonic look.. and also to change its hair..

  • 2

    Adding Some sculpt hair

    Adding Some sculpt hair WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Starting to add the hair.. it was kinda time consuming cause i need to put it 1 by 1

  • 3

    Add Devilish look >:D

    Add Devilish look >:D WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Add putty in the forehead down to its eyebrows. and also added some chin

  • 4

    Finish customizing the head :)

    Finish customizing the head :) WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Almost there :)

  • 5

    Now lets go with the body!!!

    Now lets go with the body!!! WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    I added the hole on ryu's chest.. using putty, added also some biceps and triceps muscle. In the hand i sculpt a bandage

  • 6

    Body Paint

    Body Paint WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Hand paint it with acrylic paint.. its just my first time to hand paint (forgive me for the brush strokes 😁 ). Still trying acrylic paint if its a good idea for action figure painting. lets see..